About Us was created out of passion for international affairs and politics. Let's be clear: we have no sympathies for the political establishment of any country, but we’ve always found it fascinating. As with Game of Thrones. One doesn’t need to be a Lannister fanboy in order to appreciate Tywin’s masterful political scheming and strategy.

Despite all the potential problems created, we were always fascinated by the combination of politics and betting. When an individual bets on a football game, they are making a forecast of future events to which they have no influence on. Unless they are directly involved which would make their bet illegal, that person is completely unrelated to the event. Whether they bet on goals or yellow cards is of little difference.

Betting on politics is in a way like a football player betting on the very game they are playing in. The important difference is there aren't only 11 players in the squad but more likely millions. So the bettor has limited yet inside knowledge. In sports, while a bettor can ask what fans of the team think will happen, that’s mostly rooted in wishful thinking. In politics, if he asks a citizen of that very country elections are taking place, wishful thinking might be the case but it is also combined with the intent of that player to actually vote for that said party or candidate.

A quick assumption one makes is that the wisdom of the crowd theory in sports can be completely misleading but in politics it can give a clearer answer depending on the size of the sample. That doesn’t mean though that large crowds can often be mistaken, and on the contrary, correct.

Starting from the notorious US elections of 2000, Bush v Gore, we started taking a much closer look into how elections develop on both sides of the Atlantic. Are polls valid? At what level? Municipal? State? National? How do bookmakers’ election odds respond to poll results? Do scandals like the Clinton-Lewinsky affair affect voters in the end or not really? How about Donal Trump’s Access Hollywood tape? Do foreign wars like Iraq make sitting presidents more popular or have the exact opposite effect like Ukraine today? And if so, how?

Betting then came naturally. Since one invests all this time in reading and being informed, why not make a bet? That’s why we decided to launch, to share our knowledge and passion with people who have the same interest.

As mentioned earlier, we have no political sympathies or affiliations. Our aim is to provide readers with our perspective and potential outcomes of current political events around the globe from as neutral a standpoint as possible. Constructive feedback and criticism are always welcome, as long as it doesn't cross any boundaries.

If you want to share your thoughts on what we post or for any other reason, don’t hesitate to message us via our contact form.

  • Last updated: May 14, 2024